Okay, I’m kind of fed up with WordPress sending me straight to everyone’s spam folder. 

I’ve commented on a great deal of posts between yesterday and today and none of them are showing up! Not even the “moderating comment” thingy. 

So, I’m asking guys, please check your spam folder!

That is all.  ☺


12 thoughts on “CHECK YOUR SPAM FOLDER!

  1. I find a random person in there daily! It pisses me off bc I’m always worried I’ll end up there and not know it, or miss my friends’ comments, and I always read every one! What is going on with Askimet? I thought it only did that to true spam…my AOL spam folder works better than this!


  2. I checked my spam folder today and there was 10 comments in there! But they were from people who regularly comment on my posts so I thought it was a bit weird that their comments were marked as spam :\

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