Book Review: A Hundred Thousand Words by Nyrae Dawn

Publisher: Nyrae Dawn 

Release Date: October 27, 2015 

Genre: New Adult, M/M, Romance 

Ratings: 🌟🌟🌟🌟

Blurb: Tobias Jackson grew up in Coburn, a town where the gay population equaled exactly one: him. Add that to the fact that his dream guy was his best friend’s jerky older brother Levi Baxter, and it made hooking up virtually impossible. 

Now home from college for winter break, Toby is a different person. He left Coburn for San Francisco, where he wasn’t the lone gay guy and the only black kid in town. And yeah, he took advantage of what the city had to offer. 

Apparently Toby isn’t the only one who’s changed. Levi’s not acting like the self-centered guy with all the answers that Toby remembers from growing up. Oh and Levi’s realized he’s bisexual, which makes things a lot more interesting… 

Heading back to college, Toby doesn’t expect to meet up with Levi again, despite him being in med school not far away. A surprise visit from Levi blows that assumption out of the water. As they spend more time together Toby sees Levi as more than just the fantasy. He’s complicated, unsure…he’s real. But if Toby can’t get out of the past and find the words he keeps locked inside himself, he’ll lose his chance at Levi for good. 

A gay, new adult, interracial romance.


What kind of life is it if you don’t let yourself experience it? If you don’t go for what you want and live how you want? If you don’t open your mouth and say what’s important and cling to those you love? Not being who you are, or saying how you feel, or fighting for what you love, not being willing to risk your heart, is losing by default.

First, I need to say, I love how books are becoming more and more diverse.

What is it with me lately? I’ve been reading so many books that make me cry. I loved A Hundred Thousand Words. Nyrae Dawn wrote an incredible book.

I felt so connected to the characters while reading and a think that’s such an amazing feat. I think I felt more connected to the characters because I’m also currently in college and I could understand how hard it is sometimes.

Okay, I loved Tobias. I felt connected to him the most because I also sometimes struggle with things to say. His story was interesting. His struggling relationship with his father was intriguing and I couldn’t wait to find out more about the reason for why they are struggling with each other.

I liked the way he interacted with the other characters, slowly opening up to them. What I liked the most is his friendship with his best friend Chris (I once had a best friend/ Boyfriend named Chris. I hate him now lol. Broke my poor, fragile heart.) I liked reading about how much he cherishes Chris and I loved the little flashbacks to when they were younger, they also shed some light on to why he thought Levi was a jerk.

Levi was a character I could relate to all too well, being that I’m also a college student. His personality was also A1 and I loved him! He was such a fun character even with all that he’s struggling with. I loved how his relationship with Toby developed, it was so cute and sexy.

I wished the ending was a little more. I needed to know how Levi settle his problems instead of just hearing about it. But the ending was also cute.

I love Tobias and Levi together. They are my new  OTP, TobiVi (lol)

I’d recommend this book to everyone.


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9 thoughts on “Book Review: A Hundred Thousand Words by Nyrae Dawn

  1. Great review. I have seen this book around and the cover stood out for me. I didn’t know what it was about until now. I have never really read any books that feature gay characters but I hope to do so soon. I will look out for this one.


  2. This sounds like the kind of book I need in my life! I’ve previously read a book by Nyrae Dawn and absolutely loved it so if that along with your review doesn’t say something I don’t know what does. Adding this to my TBR. Lovely review, I enjoyed reading it. 😊


  3. Great review. 🙂 Sounds like a very sweet, cute romance. I agree with you one hundred percent – it’s great to finally see some diversity in literature these days on so many different fronts. 🙂 I tend to shy away from NA because my first foray into it wasn’t so great (worse because everyone loves it so much), but you’ve left such a glowing review that I really want to check this out now!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I shy away from NA also. If you’re talking about “that” book, I know what you mean. Most NA to me tend to have little to no character development and that’s just a big no for me. I’m glad you liked it 😊, I’m happy it made you want to read it. It’s really an awesome read.

      Liked by 1 person

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