The Entertainer Blogger Award 

Two awards in one day? Man, I’m on fire! Ha. (U Can’t Touch This plays in the background) I never knew my blog was entertaining. Thank you to the lovely Alex over @ Whimspy Pages for nominating me (make sure to check out her blog).

 The Rules 

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. Add these rules to your post.
  3. Answer all the questions below.
  4. Display the award picture in your post.
  5. Nominate 12* other bloggers who are funny, inspiring and most important of all ENTERTAINING!


  1. Why did you start blogging in the first place? I had took a break from school and had all the time in the world to do whatever I wanted so I thought; why not a book blog? I love books and I needed a place to share my thoughts on books I’ve read and to shed some light on books that aren’t that well known. 

  2. What is your favourite book?

    I have way to many favourite books. How can a bookoholic only have one? I’ll list some of my favourites the-promise.jpgsimon-vs-the-homo-sapiens-agenda.jpgaristotle_and_dante_discover_the_secrets_of_the_universe_cover.jpg


  3. What is your favourite food item from the mall? Definitely Frozen Yogurt. What’s better than Frozen Yogurt? 
  4. What is your favourite past time? Watching anime and Asian dramas; mostly Kdramas, youtubing, whenever I go on YouTube I watch Amvs and watch fanmade videos of my favourite K-pop OTPs.

I nominate: 






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10 thoughts on “The Entertainer Blogger Award 

  1. Yay! Thank you for the award! 🙂 And only 4 questions in this one?! I can do that! 😀 You’ve got some fabulous titles in there and Froyo *sighs* they don’t sell it over here, so I’d have to make my own and I’m too lazy for that :F. But god, the stuff is delicious indeed!


    1. It’s definitely entertaining! I haven’t watched anime in a while because my laptop crashed and I refuse to watch them on my phone lol. The promise is actually what made me into a bookoholic, I read it when I was 13 in the 8th grade. When I think back on it, it was definitely a mature read but then again I like to think I’m beyond my years lol.

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